Saturday, October 31, 2009

Accidental Festival

My ears are still ringing after this week's Accidental Festival. It was the inaugural festival this year, taking place in venues in and around London, organised by moi. Basically I bought tickets to a bunch of gigs months ago when I was still in Aus, knowing that I could well have to sell them if I didn't get a Visa, and when I went to put them in my diary, they were all in the same week! So, I told some friends, and it coincided with my sister's visit too, and we had our own mini festival! 7 bands in 5 days.

Franz Ferdinand, Phoenix, and Passion Pit were the headliners, and all were awesome, but I think Phoenix were actually my fave. It was just one of those gigs that has this amazing atmosphere where you just know you are experiencing something really special. Plus, I got to touch the lead singer. He looks like my old flatmate Kevin!


  1. i LOVE Phoenix!

    nice collage too ;)

  2. wait? you post about music too!? okay, officially delighted with ur blog! hhaha



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