Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My rules for job-hunting...

Hi, my name is Monica and I am technically unemployed.
Yes, I am job-hunting at the moment, although sometimes half-heartedly seeing as I don't really know what sort of job I want. I could very easily stick with my well-paid, no-strings-attached locum work, or I could climb right out on a limb and try to get a job that I will really enjoy (probably for minimum wage, yay!). Hmm, what price happiness?
Well, here goes...this is by no means an exhaustive list, as you could get that anywhere - dress for the job you want, yada yada - these are just my gems coming from personal experience.

1. Have no shame.
I think this is my biggest hurdle when I'm job-hunting. Being too embarassed to even admit that well, um, I'm jobless and maybe would you consider taking my CV and having a look and oh, you're not looking to hire anyone at the moment, oh I'm so sorry to take up your valuable time - scurry scurry makes things very tricky. And wouldn't an employer rather hire someone who seems confident rather than a mouse? Can't think of any careers where mouse-like qualities are an advantage.

2. Sow your seeds far and wide.
It's nice to think, well, I want a job at Topshop, so I'm going to go put in an application there and wait and see when they get back to me (and cry when they don't). Eggs in baskets and stuff, you know. Find a friend who can print off tons of CVs for you at their work, ie. at no cost to you so therefore you won't be tempted to hang onto them, and give them out freely and where you least expect to get a response - 'cause that's probably the one place that will end up hiring you when no-one else does. One time when I wanted a job in fashion retail, the only place that would hire me was a menswear store. Actually, that's a bad example as they made me hand out pamphlets on a street corner and I only lasted 2 weeks. The other girl they hired at the same time as me obviously hated it so much she went to lunch on the first day and never came back. I admired her principles. But I digress!

3. Be flexible with the word 'experience'
Maybe you are looking for a job in a field you technically haven't worked in before. But think seriously about what you can do, and not what you can't. I have changed career a few times now, so I can see how certain skills relate to many different professions. Dealing with people is common to so many jobs and you can easily apply one experience to another. Also, sales and retail jobs are notorious for wanting extensive experience, but if you've ever tried to convince a drunk to leave a bar at closing, or your little sister to give you her last piece of chocolate, you're well on your way to being a successful salesperson!

4. Interviews
Blearchh! I have been to sooo many interviews in my time, it is not funny. I have never 'known someone who knows someone'. I have got every job I've ever had by using purely my God-given assets. Blessed as I am in that department, interviews are still horrible. They are always horrible. But after all these years, I still think the best trick you can have up your sleeve is a big friendly smile. They will always ask you bastard questions, and you will always think you ballsed it up with your babbling answers, but as long as they remember your smiling face, you just never know. I have done so badly in some interviews, that when they've offered me the job, I decided that I must have been the only candidate. Well, maybe I was, but at least I was a happy one!

So off I go to practice what I preach. Well, maybe tomorrow. I find that procrastinating is also one of my major hurdles to job-hunting. F&%* it, just get out there and do it!
I actually have an interview on Friday, so wish me luck! Now have to figure out what the hell to wear.


  1. ohh i'd love a new job, but I am too lazy to job hunt. oh well.

    and don't be foolish of course you can post about your notebooks. post until your heart is content! do it doooo itttt


  2. Sounds like a great pitch for a refreshingly honest job-hunting book, to me!

    So true about getting a job in the least likely place you expect it. And if it gives any bloggers out there a warm little glow of hope, I got my current job as a fashion writer by sending a link to my blog to the editor!

  3. I am currently job hunting! I desperately want a job in New York City!

    Thanks for this post!

    Lovely blog! I will def. be back!


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