Friday, October 2, 2009

Album of the Week

I know this album has been out for awhile, but I've been listening to it on my iPod alot this week, and I wanted to make sure everybody knew about it, especially those not in Oz who might have missed it (what, you don't stay up til all hours to stream triplej?).

This chick is pretty amazing and this album is so powerful. At the risk of sounding cliche, I have liked her ever since I first heard that awesome single 'Favourite Jeans' a few years back. That song was sort of a 'happy times driving around on a hot summer's day singing along at the top of your lungs with your best friend' kind of song. But this album goes in an entirely new direction, and where Bertie goes, I'm happy to follow. It's all about the electro-y, pop-y, rock-y ballad-y goodness.

You should definitely check out her MySpace page. It's actually a really good page - does anyone else find it annoying when a page has no real information on it other than the music player and a gig list?

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