Monday, February 22, 2010

get out of skies ahead...

Belated Birthday Goodness Part Une

'Hmm, this new camera makes my hair look very red'. Did I mention I'm cutting my own fringe all the time now? Not too shabby.

To the Breakfast Club!

My favourite place with my favourite breakfast, my favourite meal of the day. Out of all the meals. That is a big deal.

French toast with banana and bacon.

Girl on the Green

Hmm, does this new camera show up my 28-year-old wrinkles?

Friday, February 19, 2010

don't you eva

2010 has officially been christened the Year of the Gig. It actually started a few months ago and there are no signs of letting up, the tickets flying in from left, right and centre. It is so hard to say no. Well, I don't ever say no. After all, they are usually pretty cheap, and you're not going to miss any amount of cash when you've got the memory of a great gig to put your mind at ease. Plus, they are usually on a weeknight, which makes the working week go so much faster! Yay!

I think Britt is cute, because he's a rocker, but he also kind of reminds of a kid who would've had coke-bottle glasses and got teased in primary school.

Can't get over how awesome the Rabbits' percussion obsession sounds! Sometimes three or four guys making loud banging noises onstage at once.

This week I toddled off to see classic Spoon and new best friends White Rabbits in Camden (where else?) and tonight will head back to Koko to see Bertie Blackman and Funeral Party at Club NME. Soon will be Phoenix again, or Hot Hot Heat might be first up...Had tickets to see Lisa Mitchell next month but she cancelled, anyone know what happened there?

Been way too busy to blog or take photos, sorry! Hopefully get back to it this weekend, though I am going to buy an iPhone tomorrow and then going down south to see the baybee! Sunday. I'll do something constructive on Sunday. For sure.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Labour of Love

Wandering along Upper Street in Islington is one of my favourite pastimes, although it can be quite painful to fall in love with so many pieces I inevitably have to leave behind. An affordable high street it is not. But sometimes that takes some of the pressure off, you know? If you know you're not going to buy anything you can just enjoy browsing and appreciating the beauty in all the pieces, not just the ones I might buy. But I recently discovered this great boutique, Labour of Love - the clothes are still out of my price range, but there are so many interesting accessories, shoes, and general knick-knacky things that I could snatch up in a heartbeat. The shop itself is one of those spaces that can absorb me for hours of browsing and discovery, like a carefully curated treasure trove. This is not a shop for basics. These are the centrepieces, the artworks, the decoration. Some of these pieces make me rethink my entire style. For example, I have no idea why I love this Manoush dress (and you should've seen the look on Wes' face!)...

This Reem top looks like it at least started life as a basic tank...

But this Back coat is just perfection that I would wear forever and ever...

And imagine all the things I could do with a Gemma Lister collar...

And I don't have to remind you of my love for 'sensible flats'...

Check out their site and online shop, but going there in person is of course a lot more fun. The staff are really cool young hipsters and if only they put a comfy chair in the corner I would love to hang out with them all day!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Album of the Week

There is no way I was not going to love this album. I have loved everything The Strokes have ever done. I have loved all the side projects to have come out of them so far. I loved every one of their so-called 'difficult' albums. The second one my friends didn't like, the third one the critics didn't like. I say don't believe any of them, I still play all three very loud and on very high rotation. So, when I finally updated my pod, this was a high priority. Julian Casablancas. Is a God. Oh no, sorry, of course that's not the name of the album, ahem, it's Phrazes For The Young. He has produced a great album, and most reviews have been very much favourable, but it does raise a lot of questions. Is it too much like The Strokes? Is he improving with age or just rehashing old ideas? I guess my concern is where will the next Strokes album go? More of the same? And if all the guys are doing so well in their side projects, will the main project end up getting sidelined? Lord, I hope not. No, by the way I am not religious, I am just praying to my God, Julian.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

flap flap flap

I had a great birthday on Saturday! I will post photos soon, when I figure out all the ins and outs of my new camera!! It is fab. Another lovely surprise was my friend Viv buying us girls tickets to see the ballet together. We decided on Ballet Nacional de Cuba's Swan Lake which is on at Sadler's Wells soon. I have been going to the ballet since I was little, which means I've seen Swan Lake several times, but it is a truly great ballet, and every company does their own special take on it. I have heard Cuba's is really good. Swan Lake is rare for a traditional ballet because it manages to stitch together a dramatic storyline with technically demanding dancing. Sometimes the old ballets are a little heavy on the mime, light on the steps, but not Swan Lake. The female lead, Odette/Odile, usually goes through several pairs of shoes by the end of each performance. 

Got another surprise gift for my birthday - I am sick and it all started on the big day and I've just got worse and worse since ;-( So no outfit posts for awhile, methinks, I am hideous!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

someone hearts me!

My first ever blog tag! This is such a momentous occasion for me, a little overwhelming actually...okay I'll cut the Oscars speech. It's taken me ages to get around to posting it because a) It's asking me all about summer and there was still snow on the ground when I received it b) I couldn't decide for the life of me who my three favourite bloggers would be to pass on the tagging c) How busy is January?
But, while summer is a fair whack away yet, I am all for getting in the mood with a little anticipation...

What are you wearing right now? Winter clothes, silly! My trusty navy wool Whistles coat, new checked shirt dress, grey wool tights, biker boots, bowler hat.

Post a pic that means summer to you: You all know what an Aussie summer looks like, so here's what I'm looking forward to for mine this year...

Sums it up pretty well, I think.

What tracks are essential on your summer playlist? I'm really loving Jonathan Boulet and his songs sound just like summer to me. He reminds me of Ian Pooley, whom I might also have to dig out as his music reminds me of the most awesome Sydney summer ever when I had just fallen in love!

What is your fave piece of clothing from the Sportsgirl summer collections? Definitely the Leather Biker. It is exactly what I have been pining after for ages, but there's just no way I can afford it, or I'd buy one in a heartbeat!

Describe your perfect summer...I've had several:

Spending it at my folk's house, going to a beach on Jervis Bay every morning, having an awesome lunch sitting outside at a deli cafe in Husky, lolling about for the afternoon, having a nap, maybe boutique shopping in Berry or installing myself in a pub beergarden...

Travelling with friends to Croatia and sailing the Adriatic coast for a week, eating amazing food, swimming off the boat, docking in picturesque villages, drinking in the best bars in the world...

I never thought I would hear myself say it, but London summers can be pretty awesome. Stay with me here, this one takes a little more explaining, although you could just look at the picture above. You get about 9 months worth of anticipation, being cooped up by the cold, then at the first glimmer of sunlight everyone rushes outside, strips off their clothes and sits around in the sun until 10pm, be it in a park, a pub beergarden, or a patch of grass by the side of the road. You soak up every minute of it, weekends are spent hanging out with friends, playing frisbee, watching cricket on outdoor screens, eating off silly makeshift barbecues. There are so many music festivals that there is often more than one on each weekend and you have to choose between them. Cider, Pimms, Borough market, Victoria Park are just a few of the things to be enjoyed and savoured because without warning, the clouds will come over, and you all head back indoors to wrap up for the winter and play the waiting game again until next year!

The three bloggers I tag are *My sister, who just started her blog, what i would have worn, but it is already really fab
*Le Blog De Sushi, one of the best Aussie blogs out there
*Stompface for being funny and dreamy and lovely

Thursday, February 4, 2010

it's my party and i'll buy if i want to

So, it's my birthday on Saturday, what are you getting me? I am getting myself a party in Hoxton with all my nearest and dearest friends. And my mum is getting me some charms for my charm bracelet. Customs Declarations really do mess up surprises, but I will wait until the real day to open it, I'm just like that. I love birthdays and like everything to be just so. Wes is getting me a new camera so I can finally take photos worthy of blogging! Oh, I'm also getting myself this stuff from asos:

Something Else

Knit: Topshop; Tees: H&M; Skirt: ASOS; Boots:Docs

Edit: It all arrived today, and it is all perfect! Well, except the Warehouse drapey top, but I'm keeping it anyway, I'm sure I can do something with it.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

ladies, this is a miracle. i am in my skinny jeans.

I haven't fit into these since 1985 and that is only because I had mono. Miranda, The Post-It Always Sticks Twice

Okay, maybe I wore them a year ago, but I think they were made in 1985!

These are one of my favourite pairs of jeans. Problem is they are also very very tight. So I don't wear them that often, due to concerns regarding camel-toe and not squashing my kidneys and the like. But I really do love them. I found them in a vintage shop on a back street in Newtown, they were owned by somebody called Chris James, and they are just a little bit too short so they show off my brogues and socks perfectly. I have a thing for grey socks.

The 90s-style crop-top is a new thing that I am wearing all the time. I could do a DIY post on it but I think you guys know how to use scissors.

Hat: Urban Outfitters; Top: H&M; Cardigan: Urban Outfitters; Jeans and bag: vintage; Brogues: Topshop; Coat: Whistles.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

ground control to major tom

I have never before posted a work outfit. With good reason. I hate work clothes, but most of all I hate my work clothes. They are so boring and I struggle to get ready pretty much every morning. I have little idea how to tweak said boring work clothes, but have decided I am going to try my darndest because I just cannot go on like this. A week or so ago I got dressed and thought, 'didn't I wear this yesterday?' and honestly couldn't remember. I am starting by drawing inspiration from people I see out and about (during peak-hour - watch out, those studentscan really throw you), plus a few that I actually work with. I have so far gathered that the easiest way for me to perk up a work outfit, and my mood, is with a dress. This particular dress is a couple of years old and I have swung between 'okay-like' and hate. At the moment I am thinking I might upgrade to 'like'. I know it probably sounds foolish to try and pick up my mood with a dress I barely like, but I can't wear anything I actually like to work in case it gets yucky.

These boots are another semi-liked item

Have I introduced you to my wafer brooch?

Sad as it is I have taken to carrying my gym bag everyday cause I usually go after work. I even gave up carrying my handbag and just use this to carry everything.

And underneath...?

Coat: Whistles; Dress: Topshop; Cardigan: H&M; Tights: H&M; Boots: Zoe Wittner; Beret: Jendi; Brooch: Paris.
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