Friday, October 16, 2009

Albums of the Week

Note that plural! I have so much new music that I'm keen to share that I can't wait to release it in the trickle that is weekly album posts. Maybe I should call it a 'Just updated my iPod' post. Note I am busying my blog with other things like music, in the hope that it won't notice I haven't posted any outfits in months! This is of course because I wear pretty much the same clothes everyday now (comfy and house-bound) and Wes is too busy with work to take photos of me :-(
So, I 'Just Updated My Ipod' with...
Dragonette - tipped off by Sportsgirl's blog, this is soo good, kind of like Lady Gaga but cooler. Maybe like Yeah Yeahs Yeahs but more electronic?
The Big Pink - really reminds me of something but can't put my finger on it. Good album, and it doesn't stop at the single (Dominos - they're using it on ads and stuff already). It's quite rock, which is a relief from all the electronica I've been listening to lately.
The Kooks - shouldn't like this at all. Rich pretty boys who went to talent school. All songs sound mostly the same. But I can't stop! I'm sorry.
Hockey - yes, so did everybody else this week!
Phoenix - ALL their albums as I'm going to see them soon, but I will be posting on that later...
Now I've got them all out of my system let's see if I can come up with anything next week!


  1. weeeeee music post. you should def make it a regular thing, because I like music.

    Phoenix, oh yes I acquired all their albums a couple of months ago, and still haven't stopped listening to them. Absolute love, and they are french, and sometimes that is all it takes for me to love someone.

    the Big pink are pretty rad, yeah that song has been played big time on jjj and stuff, but my boyfriend said he heard but wasn't sure if it was true the big pink were saying the beatles were overrated or something like that. and that is just ridiculous because you can never say bad things about the beatles. its the law.

    ohh I really need to buy some new music, I go back to work next week and I think I'm going to need it to keep me sane.

    oh look I accidentally wrote an essay.

    the end


  2. I should really get round to listening to the Big Pink as I keep hearing good things about them. Must taste...., haha.


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