Sunday, June 27, 2010

Malta Malta Malta!

What a huuuge couple of weeks! And I can't help but feel that it's only just the beginning. Having been away for two weeks on two separate holidays I was proud of myself for making it through relatively unscathed after lots and lots of partying and was looking forward to a bit of a rest and getting back to normal life. Then, it hit me. It's summer, there's no such thing as normal life! The sun came out this week and my head is already spinning. Plans are being made to cram as many concerts, parties and events into every waking minute for the next 3 months. I am not going to be getting much rest for awhile, I just can't afford to risk missing any little bit of the summer!

Here are few snaps from the trip to Malta. It's such an interesting place, a real mix of British, Mediterranean and Moorish influences. The capital, Valetta is filled with history, and the people are really proud to tell you about it. The weather is obviously pretty perfect, it was my first dose of summer in a year, and my first ever swim in the Med!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I just got back from four days of fun in the sun in Malta, and would love to tell you guys more about it but our flight was delayed by four hours (!!) on the way home which left me time to do little more than eat, sleep and pack for my next trip to Scotland tomorrow. Yikes, I really need to get to bed. See you soon, xoxo

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Album of the Week

Okay, the Album of the Week post has been on a long hiatus, which is really just indicative of the state of my blog in general, but I now have so much new music on my iPod I don't know where to start! After some long and hard consideration I have decided to tell you about the latest Black Keys album. I chose this album this week because they kind of get my 'Most Improved' award. Well, that sounds really condescending, more like, they've really evolved and I'm liking their sound with a few more layers. I have watched the Black Keys with interest ever since I first heard their early singles on jjj but I never got as fully into them as I expected to. I guess their albums didn't grab me like their singles promised to. I will definitely be going back and reviewing their back-catalogue now, though. I always like to have the history and context of a band in my mind when I'm getting to know the new music. They used to sound very stripped-back like two guys in an old house with an eight-track and a guitar and that was it. Now, in a nutshell their sound is very dirty rock (rawk!), that's very bluesey, and more than a little bit Hendrix. 

I'm not turning this blog into a Danger Mouse fanpage, I promise, but he is responsible for producing yet another brilliant effort here. Where does he get his genius inspiration from and when does he sleep??

Thursday, June 3, 2010

swimming with some beautiful sharks

Honestly, how do people wear high heels?? You should see the size of the blisters on my feet right now. Those shoes looked frickin awesome, but the first time I have worn them will also turn out to be the last. Focus has now shifted to blister avoidance and so I'm breaking in my thong feet for my holiday to Malta next week!! So excited. Yes, har-har, you know what I mean, flip-flops, jandals, whatever, I'm not talking about my bum.

I haven't taken any photos in awhile, so you may have noticed that all the recent photos on here are those taken by Wes and his favourite iPhone app called Hipstamatic. It kind of imitates a lomograph-style camera with separate lenses and 'film' that you buy from the App store. You can get some great effects. I know a real lomo camera would have more street cred but it's much easier to carry this version around. These ones are not that great, but for better ones just scroll down to my older posts. The more abstract ones above are from when we went to see Paul Dempsey live in Kings Cross...and then we saw White Rabbits (again) the next night at the Garage at Highbury...

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