Sunday, October 18, 2009

Is it a bird? Is it plane?

What is this I see? Could this be an actual outfit post?? It's been so long I'm not sure I would recognise one if I saw it? Yes, I actually went somewhere today and so had to get dressed to go there - so exciting! I was just starting to wonder whether I should do a post on my general dagginess - on Friday I actually wore my glasses, Birkenstocks and no makeup at all in public!!! I felt like I had given up, that's it for me. I began to feel grateful I never officially called this a 'fashion' blog, seeing as it no longer really contains any. And when does someone stop being fashionable themselves? Are you fashionable when you think about it and read about it and look at it but never actually wear it??

Wes and I went for an outing to visit the Serpentine Pavilion on it's last day. The structure itself was a super shiny canopy that blurs the line between what is reality and what is reflection. Under the canopy, a Poetry Marathon was being held today! Yes, you heard me correctly. Needless to say we didn't pay to go in and listen to the poetry, especially when it was miked and we could hear the whole thing anyway!

And while in the neighbourhood we checked another activity off my list by visiting the new Darwin Centre at the Natural History Museum. Pretty cool really. But full of kids. Just so you know in case you're allergic.

Everything I am wearing in these pics is so old, I don't think it is even worth crediting them! I know it is not a crushingly stylish outfit, but I am easing myself back in!


  1. great pics! i love your dress and cardigan!

  2. hey! i share your philosophy about being fashion or not...i mean, each one has the term fashion for something different, so even when you dont feel dressed well, etc- you can be fashionable!
    you look all pretty in the pics, and the museum looks interesting too ;) i´ll be visiting ur blog often. ha.

  3. I love this outfit! Especially with those sheer tights.


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