Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Extreme sweet tooth

I think my sister may be bad for my health. The problem is we are both total chocoholics, and we both hate coffee, so while others might meet up for coffee and a chat, we meet for hot chocolate and cake instead. On Friday we literally stumbled upon (must have been fate!) a guerilla ice-cream cafe in the basement of Selfridges! Yes, while 'pop-up shops' are becoming a little too ubiquitous, along comes a fabulous new marketing tool - the 'guerilla installation'! It was fun, if a little bit bizaare, and Sex Pistols-themed! We thought we had ordered a fancy-sounding hot chocolate, but were served with the richest, most chocolatey ice-cream sundaes ever (again, definitely fate)! So should have taken a piccy of them as they were quite a sight to behold, but that would have taken too long and nothing was going to get in the way of gorging! Still can't believe we didn't realise you could sit in the van until we were on our way out :-(

ps. Felt soo sick afterwards - if you go, maybe share?

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  1. My sisters are bad for my health too. Not only do we love chocolate, but coffee too. Bad combo for my health and diet. I'm having a chocolate giveaway on my blog too :/


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