Monday, July 26, 2010

black and white town

What could be better than unlimited free Ben and Jerrys??? Well, not much, but imagine if you got to combine the ice cream with music, Pimms, market stalls and Die Hard!!! All great loves of mine. Wes and I went to Sundae on the Common in Clapham, mainly to see Doves play as I've never seen them before. We ate to our hearts' content (my favourite flavour was Raspberry Mango Swirl Sorbet), Doves were great, and then Die Hard was on TV when I got home. Perfect. Or should I say Yippee ki yay!

Dress: Primarni; shirt: Topshop; kicks: Nike; socks: horseys' own.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

no, i'm not a monster

What's-his-face was onto something. Haven't you heard? Gingerbread men are the new cupcake! Well to be accurate, they are the new whoopie pie, which was the new macaroon, which was the new cupcake. To be more accurate, it is just me that decided this, but I think some others are starting to catch on. You're not still eating cupcakes are you?? Yeah, me too, but I really love gingerbread men!! And I think maybe they're not as bad for you? Pret's little man called Godfrey is pretty good, and of course if your local bakery makes them, even better, as long as they're thick enough to have a bit of give in the middle, you don't want them too hard...okay maybe I have thought about this a little too much?

Friday, July 16, 2010

summer sessions

I saw Temper Trap at Somerset House on Monday night! This place is such a great venue and a very well-used city space. This was the first time I had been to one of these Summer Session concerts, I have always wanted to go and couldn't believe my luck in getting tickets when I totally missed them going on sale, again. I always condemn the practice of ticket scalping, but I was seriously considering going back last night to try and get in to see Florence and her fabulous Machine. If they weren't guaranteed to be ridiculously expensive and I hadn't already spent most of this month's pay. But how is it possible that I still have not seen her live?!

Support from another Aussie band, The Middle East...

All band members were real groovers and the lead singers' voice was so perfect. I don't know why but I just didn't expect it to sound as good as on the record.
My mate Jade and the truly beautiful backdrop of Somerset House as the sun finally set on a (slightly cooler) London summer's day.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

jack on the green

Summer has been pretty awesome so far, as you all know or can at least imagine. Today's clouds actually provided a nice break, as long as the sun comes back of course! I managed to squeeze in a spot of lawn bowls on Saturday for my mate Jade's birthday (she's a Kiwi so I can use the word 'mate' here, usually I never ever ever use that word, especially not for girls). It was an absolute scorcher and I was dripping by the time I even got there, but I had a great time and met a bunch of cool new people, and drank cider out of a tin, quite a novelty for me.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I must have a door in the back of my head

On Sunday I spent a lovely day out in the sunshine with Goodwood Festival of Speed! Oh yes, I thought that my willingness to accompany my love to such a blokey bore-fest meant that I must be the best girlfriend in the entire world, only to be horrified to find that there were wives and girlfriends absolutely everywhere. And I think some of the women there weren't even wives or girlfriends at all, but had just mosied along of their own accord! Not a bad move if they're single.

To more pressing matters, I have been waiting to wear this outfit for awhile - my favourite vintage shirt with little love-hearts on it, and a thrifted lemon yellow skirt I haven't worn at all because I wasn't sure what shoes to pair it with. I finally felt it was the perfect opportunity, and I felt very happy with it, even though I had to undo the waistband of the skirt for comfort's sake during the 2 hour drive :-)

I must draw your attention to my little friend. I bought him from one of the great jewellery stalls at Portobello Road and this was our first outing together. Ain't he cute? I thought I was being so witty, you know, wearing a sheep for a trip to the country, wearing vintage to an estate that hosts a vintage festival...yeah, you geddit. Wearing open sandals to a dustbowl? Not so clever.
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