Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pensieve in my pocket

Scrapbooks, notebooks, diaries, sketchbooks! Our flat is a stockpile of these most useful tools. They are not for decoration, we have none with fancy covers or matching pens. They are purely utilitarian and they are all the better for when they get scuffed and splodged with ink from repeated use. Some are lined like exercise books, some gridded, some completely blank, although I find those ones a bit intimidating. Some go with me everywhere, a crutch without which I couldn't perform everyday tasks. Our favourites are Moleskine of course, and if you haven't used one, you really must start.

Just write down a list of things you want to blog about this week, or music you have heard of and plan to download, or sketch your favourite outfit from your latest dress-up session, so you don't forget that perfect combination when you go to recreate it on Saturday night.

One of my favourite pastimes is cataloguing all my old mags. That way I don't have a massive pile sitting around, especially when I have to move so often! Plus I have a convenient compilation of the key looks that I feel sum up each season.


  1. how funny I do the exact same thing will magazines.. def can't draw like you so no sketchbook over here sadly haha
    great post! x

  2. love it! it makes me wanna scrap book!

  3. AHAHA, definitley true. love this.


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