Monday, October 12, 2009

When I grow rich say the bells of Shoreditch

Wandering through Shoreditch today, purely for business purposes I swear - I was dropping off CVs all round town in the hope of a call back from someone, anyone - and rewarded myself when I was finished by popping into one of my favourite boutiques, No-One. It is oddly located beside a cafe-cum-bar, with no entrance of its own, so you walk through the cafe to get to the shop. Once inside, it is full of goodies, and today I was especially impressed with these t-shirts created by one Vanessa Da Silva. They are absolute works of wearable art. She apparently created them for London Fashion Week, so I'm a bit of a slow adopter, but just thought I'd share them with you, as I think she might make more if there is enough demand.

No-one now has a website too, with their own blog and everything, you can check it out here. I absolutely love the jewellery they stock, great pieces from fab indie designers that have been copied by all our fave high street shops by now :-( Heaps of antipodean stuff too. But I had no idea that DreamBagsJaguarShoes actually produced anything! Whoops! I thought it was purely for the purpose of congregating rooms full of cool kids and scaring patrons with their insecure toilet doors (seriously, they open out, and have no locks! That's nerve-racking stuff).


  1. Hey love this post! you made me laugh so much with your comment on my blog, brilliant! don't worry I believe you x

  2. LOVe the first look! Amazing :) funny blog :)

    We'll definitely be back
    Come take a sneaky peek at TBAG :)
    We have an amazing giveaway!

    Have a lovely lazy Sunday :)x


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