Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Okay, I know I've been gone almost 6 months, but street fashions don't change that quickly, do they? Can they?!

Since when did brothel creepers become the new brogues??
A la Susie Bubble...

And since when did it become acceptable to wear bondage gear in public?
Queen Michelle is obsessed...

I'm not saying I don't like, just, well, WTF? These photos are from some of my favourite blogs/sites, and where they go I usually end up following, so am I finally asserting my independence, or fighting the inevitable? Or am I just horribly clueless? Did I miss a memo??

I fully reserve the right to indulge in these looks if and when I get used to the idea. Especially this one from Norwegian Wood...hmm...

Just borrowing these photos, if anyone has a problem with them appearing here just contact me and I'll take them down!


  1. Yeah zipz and chains are everywhere now.
    I also just posted a picture and shes wearing brothel creepers!

  2. I think that it doesn't need to be in fashion to look cute. If they can look hot wearing it, go them! A domain costs $10 us a year which is nothing when you look at what you're paying a day at that price. The best way to upload bigger images is through the url part of the image form and use a site like photobucket. Good luck! x

  3. haha i know what you mean! its almost like "alternative fashion" is "hot fashion;" but if they like it and look good, why not!?

  4. HAHAHA yeah brothel creepers are very cool right now.they've been popping up in so many editorials too.


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