Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Wizard Jacket

I had a whole post planned about this jacket and how it was a bit ‘out there’ and I didn’t know if I’d ever wear it outside of the house. But yesterday I just got up and had an urge to wear it! I was going to the Big Smoke for the day, so that’s probably why I felt a bit more daring. Did I mention we were going to the city to put the finishing touches on our visa application?! Here we go…now we wait.
The jacket is my first ever purchase from Etsy, so I was very excited about that. I usually find the site a bit overwhelming but found this great store called edwardvintage via a link from CatwalkQueen (R.I.P.). They have lots of nice things, very reasonably priced, too, but something about this piece caught my eye. We are calling it The Wizard Jacket. It's definately growing on me.
Jacket: edwardvintage @ Etsy; Singlet: Gap; Tights: Target; Shoes: Topshop; Necklace: my collection (code for I can't remember).

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