Friday, August 7, 2009

Motorcycle boots

More ankle boots!! I have always been in love with those ridiculous Balenciaga boots Mary-Kate Olsen was wearing a few years ago (you know I don’t mean ridiculous in a bad way). She wore them everywhere and I marveled at how one could fit such an out-there piece into an ‘everyday’ wardrobe. Well, accepting that it takes some trends years to make it Down Under, Aussie label Maurie and Eve have finally made a replica pair. Yay! They are fab and actually look like they would be really comfortable (my main hurdle to wearing heels in MY everyday wardrobe). Of course, I am completely broke at the moment, so I will have to consign these boots to the list of missed purchases I will kick myself about for years to come. If you do have a spare $220 they are apparently available at Tuchuzy @ Bondi, Paris Texas in Surry Hills and


  1. wow...I used to respect Maurie and Eve.

  2. God I love these boots. Surprising that Steve Madden hasn't turned his hand to an, erm, homage of them yet.

  3. Yes, an homage! Usually I hate blatant rip-offs, but in this case...I might make an exception :-)

  4. ooh, when will we get a uk rip off? these are ace, they look lower - would love to get a closer-up image to have a more detailed look!


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