Wednesday, July 29, 2009

No, I’m actually not retarded, thanks

My parents are overseas at the moment and we are grateful for some time alone. Not least because of the way they act towards us when we’re staying with them. You see, Wes and I do not get up at 5am. We do not run marathons. We stay up late and like to eat chocolate. As a result, they kind of treat us like we’re a bit retarded. You should see the list my mum left us on how to look after the house while they are away. Do you think someone who has a degree and has been living independently for 9 years might know NOT to turn the fridge off at the power point??


  1. Can you post the rest of the list please?

  2. Well, there is alot of stuff about PERISHABLES (yes, she did put it in capitals) and locking the doors (really?) and oh, the bin night is Tuesday, the very same night it has been for 20 years!!


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