Monday, August 10, 2009


I know, I just did a cutesy puppy post last week, but I swear the cutesy baby post is actually for the outfit I am wearing in it! I forgot to take any photos of me by myself :-P (though the bub is very cute! He is Mylan and he just got that stage where all of a sudden a baby is interesting and can smile and stuff).

This is my most favourite skirt suit (okay, pretty sure it's my only skirt suit) that I bought from Topshop just before I left London in March. I have actually had heaps of wear out of it in Aus. Both pieces look fab on their own, but I really like wearing it together, it's just the right side of too much, you know? The skirt has the cutest bow on the bum! Will have to take a photo of that too one day. Oh, and this bow tie necklace is also a current favourite from my beloved Sportsgirl that unlike the Reece heels, gets lots of wear.

Man my hair misses Vanessa! Why does my hairdresser always have to live on the opposite side of the world to where I am? 4 months and counting since I last had my hair cut.

Jacket, skirt: Topshop; T-shirt: H&M; Necklace: Sportsgirl.

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