Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Well, Marilyn is really a Joan

Ahh Mad Men. I watched it non-stop on the flight home, and I'm really hoping they will have season two for me on the way back to London. Fascinating show for many reasons, but I am particularly in love with the girls and their dresses. Especially Joan. I love how she looks like she is sewn into them. On Election Night one of the junior boys surmises “You can’t sit down in that dress!”, when she proceeds to not only sit, but to gracefully sink to the ground with all the poise of a dancer with her ankles crossed just so, and not so much as a sharp intake of breath. See, everything is effortless for Joan. She is the perfect picture of a woman as a woman should be. Well, you know, in freaky 1960 TV land.

Style-wise, though, I think I am a Betty. I would honestly wear every fabulous outfit she wears. I probably wouldn't even feel the need to mix it up to modernise it, literal is just fine in this case.

But you know what? I sometimes even like the dresses Peggy wears. As a character I think she is supposed to be a bit of a dag. I guess in the 1960s even the dags were far more polished than what we get away with nowadays. The inspiration for my Vintage Vogue dress becomes apparent, huh? I want nothing at the moment if it isn't waisted.

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