Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Vintage Vogue

Once I had played dress-ups in my old wardrobe (a few times) and watched my sister’s old VHS movies (including, but not restricted to, Ever After and She’s All That) I decided I had a bit too much spare time on my hands and needed a real hobby. So, I took up sewing to try to quench my thirst for new clothes on my non-existent budget. It has taken me weeks to produce this dress, but I’m sure I would be alot quicker if I spent more than an hour a day on it! Finishing it was so hard I nearly stabbed myself in the eye with a needle.

Dress: me from Vintage Vogue pattern V2960; Jacket: H&M; Ballet flats: Joto.

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  1. I personally LOVE this dress yay to you and your two minutes of training at St Johns heheh. I think it is 'timeless' and you will wear it in London next summer, even if Rachelle, Leanne and myself do not want you to leave. Yay to the dress I love it.

    Oh and love last picture of you in it.


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