Friday, November 27, 2009

Album of the Week

So the other day, I stumbled upon (not Stumbled Upon) The Brunettes somewhere or other, and was so impressed by what I heard, I had already decided I had to post about them this week. Then I listened even more and realised 'Hey! I know this B-A-B-Y song!'. I think it must have been played on triple j. It is great, but so are all their songs - quite catchy, yet mellow, not too poppie...basically they are indie. And they are a really quirky and cool couple, so, they are my new favourites!

ps. Definitely rethinking my original comments on Kasabian's other albums...
pps. Just finished my first week of work in my new job!!
ppps. Congratulations to my friends on the safe arrival of their new baby girl Natasha xxxx


  1. omg i want to write on every single post! haha
    I got my reader all clusterfucked and I couldn't see any of the blog I followed :(
    so I'm back on the usual stalking <3

  2. thanks love new music reccomendations! and your flatmate works for ASOS I DIE that is fab. really love ur blog hun its a great read xxx


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