Monday, November 9, 2009

An end to life on the down-low?

Heels have never played a major part in my life. They're more like an occasional guest star, but not even one you are happy to see, you know, because of the pain, hobbling, and slow-walking. Not to mention they are kind of against the code of ethics of my day job.
But recently I have been wondering if maybe I should give them a bit more of a go. There are just so many more cool outfit opportunities, and a certain air and grace you get when you walk in them.
These past two weeks I have seen plenty and fallen in love with a few pairs, but none so much as these amazing wedges from Topshop...

But having said that, I am also pleasantly surprised to report there are many more options available with a low or flat heel this season. Maybe the stores have finally realised that we live in a city where we don't have cars, we walk miles everyday, and there are cobblestones everywhere!!

Hmm, got any blacker? Sorry, but it is coming into winter!


  1. Love the brogues but those topshop wedges are FIT. They look comfy too. There's a black version in Zara if you're interested...

  2. very cool blog!! love your shoe collage!

  3. nice blog! and oh i need shoes, so bad.

  4. i love combat boots! they look perfect with a romantic dress :)

  5. I love those black shoes on the left hand side. Droooooool.

    Oh yes, and thanks for stopping by a while back:)


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