Wednesday, November 11, 2009

An Education

It is quite ironic that going to the movies is so expensive in London, as a cinema is just the perfect place to spend a cold and rainy afternoon, and what city has more of an abundance of those than we do? Yes, the weather has been terrible lately, but taking advantage of freebies is a major part of my life now and I get two for one tickets on Wednesdays! Woohoo!
So off I went to see An Education with my sis. What a beautiful film! Set in the 60s, it is a non-stop visual feast with authentic fashion, hair, makeup, cars, houses...Honestly, it could have been about nothing at all and I still would have enjoyed it, but as it were, it is actually a really captivating story. Carey Mulligan is so beautiful and really perfect in the role, she deserves all the recognition she is getting for it. And Rosamund Pike is so beautiful as Aunt Helen I actually gasped the first time you see her in that white fur on the theatre steps!

ps. My sister has since gone back to the desert. Boohoo! I'm so lonely.


  1. i love movies that's set in the 60's. especially the hair and make up

  2. I never really go to the movies, but this movie looks fantastic. Great blog! x

  3. Wow at those photos, I haven't heard about it, I might have to go see it now :)

    Thanks! x

  4. i've never heard of this movie but the photos make it look amazing--i'll have to see if they're playing it here. :)


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