Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Stuff November

Well, this month's post has taken a little bit more putting together than October's, that's for sure. Coupled with a lack of commuting comes a lack of free press (I actually miss the london paper, how sad!) and to be honest I am still quite happily working my way through last month's list with my sister. But, at a stretch, this is what I might do this month if I had both time and money:
  • It seems to be quite the month for comedy! A bunch of good comics are touring at the moment, but my choices would have to be Ross Noble (mad, but in good way) and Dylan Moran (legendary). Simon Amstell is doing shows in November too-man I loved him on Buzzcocks and even though the guest hosts are doing pretty well in the post I just realised I don't really watch that show anymore. When is it even on?

  • Frozen yoghurt vendors must be the new cupcakeries as they are popping up all over town. There is one on Camden Passage that I pass every day and I must remember to try it before it gets too cold to even fathom. How are these places planning to stay open during winter?

  • Enjoy the crowd at Oxford Circus. Well, not quite, but they have finished the works aimed at improving the way the hordes of sheep move through this previously ridiculous bottleneck. I might even chuck a diagonal!! Actually, I don't think I have ever needed to cross in any other direction than from Topshop to H&M. Nuff said?

  • Things are very busy in the H&M designer collaboration department. First up is Jimmy Choo. H&M have even posted online a guide explaining how to line up so they are obviously expecting a big day on the 14th (have any of you guys ever been to one of these launches? Would love to hear about it). Typically for me, I am not that impressed by the collection and ironically, the things I would be most likely to buy would be the clothes and not any of the shoes! Next up will be Sonia Rykiel, which is only lingerie for now, so non-essential thank goodness. Hopefully by the time they do real clothes I might have some spare cash - love Sonia!!

  • For £40 you can buy your way into the London art scene at the RCA Secrets exhibition/sale. All artworks are postcard-sized and anonymous until after you make your purchase, so you better be studying your brushstrokes if you fancy picking up something by a famous muso, artist or designer.

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