Monday, November 2, 2009

Show me your studio!

Headed on down to the ShowSTUDIO exhibition last week, and was really impressed. Nick Knight is such a visionary, and has really been ahead of the pack for years now. Mostly described as a photographer, he is much more, an artist really and his celebrity connections, wow! He really knows how to get the most out of his subjects and they are more like collaborations than just photoshoots. If you can get to see it, I'd definitely recommend it, it was the biggest exhibition I've seen in that Somerset House gallery, and such good value - only £5! Thinking about going back this week to watch another photoshoot in the specially designed studio with double-sided mirrors for hours of potential voyeuristic fascination. Another tick for the list.


  1. wow! those mirrors are WAY cool!!!

    <3 ur blog.
    first time here. but definate following!!!

  2. love the mirrors, really like your blog, nice one

  3. wicked pics!
    i loveee nick knight.


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