Thursday, December 31, 2009

i'll give it to someone special

A very special pressie was waiting for me at the P.O. when I got back from Cardiff. Isn't it great when they are spread out a bit and not just in one big assault on the one morning? I am lucky in this respect anyway as my birthday is in about 5 weeks so I can get anything off my wishlist that Santa forgot this time around.

I really loved the card and packaging - how cool is the zip-up cardboard bag? - and Sportsgirl's primary colours came across pretty well in the photos, considering they were taken in my gloomy London living room. And the gifts inside are just my style, like I picked them out myself. Thankyou Sportsgirl!! Have I ever blogged about their website and forum? Both are pretty great, you should check them out, it's a proper little community where everyone is very lovely, lots of members have blogs, you can vote on Street Style pics and they often introduce me to new music. I hope that doesn't sound like a contrived advert because I have been using the forum since it launched, which is before I had a blog. Actually, it was from the encouragement of the girls on the forum that I got the courage to start my own blog!

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