Sunday, January 3, 2010

deck the halls

I've never been to Cardiff before, but had a fine time exploring it over the Christmas holiday. The shopping is great, with everything you'd expect of a larger city, but I especially liked the old arcades where you can get away from the crowds and find something a little different to the usual high street fare in a handful of boutiques. I miss boutiques when I'm shopping in London. I'm sure there are heaps, but you just have to know where they are. Plus they usually stock labels I much admire but cannot actually afford to buy, which is sometimes a very fun kind of shopping, but sometimes just depressing, you know?

This shirt and the studded beret are a couple of things I treated myself to when I got paid for the first time in 9 months!!! Wes rang me to tell me the money had gone into our account when I was in Topshop doing some Christmas shopping. It was truly fate.

Beret: Urban Outfitters; Shirt: Topshop; Singlet: Gap; Jeans: Lee; Boots: who knows?


  1. Really like this outfit. It's simple but sweet.

    Cute blog you have here, will be following :-)


  2. wow, that alley is so cute! i like your blog ^_^


Aww shucks, not only have you visited my blog, but now you're actually going to write something?

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