Friday, December 18, 2009

Album of the Week

Was it to cure shellshock??

Off with your head! Dance til your dead!

You suddenly complete me...

I can't stop listening to Yeah Yeah Yeahs latest album, It's Blitz! I have long been in love with this awesome three-piece and not only because lead singer Karen O is so inspirational. They just write such amazing pop songs, they get me every time. Ever passion-filled, their sound continues to evolve, and is now laced with a dose of synth, which I am right into at the moment. It almost goes without saying that they are amazing live. I am sure, if you are a music lover like me you have heard stories about their tremendous performance exploits. Or, if you are a fashion lover, perhaps you have heard about Karen's crazy stage costumes which could range from a glittery leotard to a lion's head within the same show. We just missed out on tickets for their recent London gigs, but they are touring Australia at the moment, so anyone down there should get along to see them any way they can. In the meantime I will content myself with listening to my favourite tracks over and over and over.


  1. That pic is awesome!

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