Thursday, March 4, 2010

a little too much madonna for one night perhaps?

As you can see I went 'glam goth' for a house party the other night. House parties are always so much fun, aren't they? Stayed until about 3am and had to catch a taxi, then a bus home (I know, what?). We left when the Singstar came out. What a party killer that was. No more conversation occurred at all. And you know, no matter how good the machine tells you you are, it sounds terrible, trust me.

This is a skirt I made from remnants last year, hence it is waay too short and I feel really exposed wearing it. But on a Saturday night, why not?

Wow, I can't believe I got use the computer for long enough to actually *post something*!! Yay! I hope it won't be another two weeks til my next one...


  1. Good job on the skirt! I've got a skirt I need to complete the zipper on...I finally fixed my sewing machine (the fault was completely mine.)

    Your evening sounds a bit crazy towards the end! A friend and I went to a party and were surrounded by several creepy guys who waited for us on the sidewalk in the dark. Um, creeps! And then one asked us if we wanted to go get a burger. Ha! No way!

  2. Ugh, I need to fix my sewing machine too, haven't made anything in ages and I'm getting withdrawals!
    Hmm, meeting creeps in the dark sounds not so fun though, you wouldn't have been able to hear the burger invitation over my screams!

  3. I love this! You can totally pull off the skirt length.

    And maybe your friends are just really bad singers because I went to my neighbor’s seventh birthday yesterday and they had singstar and it sounded AMAZING. I barely needed four paracetamols when I finally escaped home…and the ringing in my ears seems to be subsiding a little.

  4. Lovely outfit!



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