Friday, March 26, 2010

she was a sour girl the day that she met me

What is it with pop-up shops now?! Remember when they were sooo cool? Remember when they were this brilliantly elusive and exclusive enigma that the trendiest brands used and only the chosen few knew about or stumbled upon, only for it to disappear before they could even tell their friends? Well, several years down the track the pop-up shop has gone viral. It's in the mainstream, and it seems to be a bit pointless to bother with a pop-up when you advertise it everywhere, and you've got plenty of stores anyway, where people know they can go whenever they want to, not just when you say. This week is particularly crammed with pop-ups. Last Sunday I went to Spitalfields and took in not less than three pop-up shops within a city block of one another. And this weekend Whiteley's, a random shopping centre around the corner from my friends' place in Bayswater that I've never bothered to visit because it seems to have only a H&M, is having a whole floor dedicated to pop-ups (isn't that a department store?). Okay, I may go along to check out the Wild Fox boutique, but I will participate in frequent eye-rolling and make sure to think I am better than everyone there because I knew about pop-ups when they were still cool.

Does it make a difference if you call it a pop-in instead of -up? (Cath Kidston)

And the Most Disappointing award goes to...

Other than fake tattoos and a photo booth there was just nothing in there!

Hmm, I wonder if the location of this shop directly across the road from All Saints had anything to do with Bolongaro Trevor's decision to open up here? (They started the All Saints label and Spitalfields is the flagship location).

I have a week of annual leave starting! So I don't have to work until Tuesday 6th April. I have so much planned for the days off, from haircuts to fixing sewing machines to shopping (surprise surprise). I have tickets to Phoenix and the Cuban National Ballet and I plan to do some special gym training sessions as well. Maybe I will even have some time to blog in there somewhere. I just hope I can cope with all the fun-ness.


  1. Whoa! That is a whole lot of fun-nes! Perhaps you could add “skype my sister who has been trying to chat to me for so long that she is getting a complex about being totally boring and uninteresting and uncool.”
    And we haven’t had any pop up shops in Doha yet. Wait, does it count when they do those car giveaways at the mall? They just pop up out of no where for a bit and then go...

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