Saturday, March 6, 2010

i'm running out of time...

This week's gig was Hot Hot Heat at Scala, which was packed full of pint-sized chicks who were all massive fans, the kind that know all the words to all the songs and try to touch the band members when they come close to the edge of the stage. Well, I'll admit the bassist was kind of spunky, and he certainly had all the dance moves, and the others all have interesting hair...I just wanted to find out if my new camera could take decent night photos, and the answer is, well not really. But I was really far away, and the lighting was really crap. I'm not too sure about the sound quality at Scala either. I'll blame that, cause a few times I thought HHH sounded like they were playing songs too fast and actually out of time, but surely the guys know how to play music properly, when it is their job after all?

I can't believe these photos finally loaded! Can everybody else stop using Photobucket please? I think it is all of you clogging it up meaning it doesn't work for me unless I get up at the ridiculously early hour of 9:30am on a Saturday!!


  1. I think the photos look kinda cool actually.

    And don’t blame me for photobucket. I’ve never managed to make it work. Ever!

  2. Yeah I think they look cool too, and anyways I think its nearly impossible to take good photos at a concert when you are in the crowd, I saw Phoenix last night and it was so hard to get good ones.


    p.s. photobucket sucks, you should try picasa, that's what I use. Its brilliant.

  3. Great photos! I actually love the lighting effect.

    TEE&FAME x


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