Friday, March 19, 2010

Album of the Week

This week I have discovered so much amazing new music! It was so hard to decide which one to tell you about first, but I think I will have to start with Broken Bells. I am such a massive Shins fan, and this one is a collab of James Mercer with Brian Burton aka Danger Mouse. The Shins are one of my favourite bands, and Danger Mouse is aptly tagged the 'hardest working man in showbiz' having worked with so many big big names as well as being one half of Gnarls Barkley. His style is not so obvious at first listen, as Mercer has written some lovely pop songs and my ear is always automatically drawn to vocals and lyrics, but these are underscored with some really interesting 'arrangements', instrumentals, and subtle electronic mixing.

And they're looking very snappy Danger/Mr Mouse seriously wearing a peg-leg trouser suit?! And  James may be wearing some 'meggings' here (male leggings, duh). So cutting edge.

Getting my iPhone (and control of my own laptop back) has finally given me the inspiration to get my music library in order, which includes obtaining a few old faves like Toad The Wet Sprocket - Fall Down and Screaming Trees - Nearly Lost You. Plus, Wes would never download me any pop songs, so now I have a little Bey and Britters to go with my Dirty Projectors! Should I be admitting that?


  1. loving your blog!
    thanks for sharing as always darling!


  2. I will have to check it out. And I have pop on my pod too so don't be embarassed! Sometimes you just need fluff...
    p.s. I gave you a blog award!

  3. I am so madly in love with Broken Bells.

    Fabulous post.


  4. Aren't they fantastic? They're so great! Cute blog:)


  5. Heck yes! Love Mr Mercer so much it hurts sometimes, and Dangermouse is some kind of freakin genius.

    Have to buy the new album, have been listening to The High Road on repeat for some time!




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