Monday, February 22, 2010

get out of skies ahead...

Belated Birthday Goodness Part Une

'Hmm, this new camera makes my hair look very red'. Did I mention I'm cutting my own fringe all the time now? Not too shabby.

To the Breakfast Club!

My favourite place with my favourite breakfast, my favourite meal of the day. Out of all the meals. That is a big deal.

French toast with banana and bacon.

Girl on the Green

Hmm, does this new camera show up my 28-year-old wrinkles?


  1. Moni I think this is one of my all time favorite outfits! You look French (is there a higher compliment?) and not just because of the beret. I can’t believe the difference your new camera has made to your pics too!

    Ps it wasn’t my fault that I brought the Isabel Marant skirt. Zai have started sending me text messages now and you just try not popping down there when they say there’s a 50% off sale! You just try!

  2. Breakfast is the best meal ever! Yours looks so yummy.

    I have a blue velvet beret that I am definitely pulling out because of your, if only I knew where it was.

  3. Wow, thanks, I love this outfit too! I felt like lots of people were looking at me that day but I never know if it's because they are thinking that I look weird!

    Berets are the best! I wear them all the time in different colours, a blue velvet one sounds cool...

  4. Beautiful coat!



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