Wednesday, February 10, 2010

flap flap flap

I had a great birthday on Saturday! I will post photos soon, when I figure out all the ins and outs of my new camera!! It is fab. Another lovely surprise was my friend Viv buying us girls tickets to see the ballet together. We decided on Ballet Nacional de Cuba's Swan Lake which is on at Sadler's Wells soon. I have been going to the ballet since I was little, which means I've seen Swan Lake several times, but it is a truly great ballet, and every company does their own special take on it. I have heard Cuba's is really good. Swan Lake is rare for a traditional ballet because it manages to stitch together a dramatic storyline with technically demanding dancing. Sometimes the old ballets are a little heavy on the mime, light on the steps, but not Swan Lake. The female lead, Odette/Odile, usually goes through several pairs of shoes by the end of each performance. 

Got another surprise gift for my birthday - I am sick and it all started on the big day and I've just got worse and worse since ;-( So no outfit posts for awhile, methinks, I am hideous!

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