Wednesday, February 3, 2010

ladies, this is a miracle. i am in my skinny jeans.

I haven't fit into these since 1985 and that is only because I had mono. Miranda, The Post-It Always Sticks Twice

Okay, maybe I wore them a year ago, but I think they were made in 1985!

These are one of my favourite pairs of jeans. Problem is they are also very very tight. So I don't wear them that often, due to concerns regarding camel-toe and not squashing my kidneys and the like. But I really do love them. I found them in a vintage shop on a back street in Newtown, they were owned by somebody called Chris James, and they are just a little bit too short so they show off my brogues and socks perfectly. I have a thing for grey socks.

The 90s-style crop-top is a new thing that I am wearing all the time. I could do a DIY post on it but I think you guys know how to use scissors.

Hat: Urban Outfitters; Top: H&M; Cardigan: Urban Outfitters; Jeans and bag: vintage; Brogues: Topshop; Coat: Whistles.


  1. haha remember in year one where you would have classes on how to cut with scissors and in straight lines and around things etc. well those lessons really paid off! I'm awesome with scissors now a days!

    love the stripey stripe stripes and the bowly bowler.
    jeans are hot. at least they are jeans and they will stretch with wear, if they are a bit tight. because nothing is more annoying than too tight jeans. all of mine are too tight at the moment, I really need to lay off the wine!

    hope you are wonderful.


  2. You look pretty damn fine on those jeans, well done! xx

  3. All i know is shes about 17ish and her mum (amanda) married a 'youngen' (much younger dude) lol. Lover her style. Love your blog too! Thanks for following:) x

  4. ha ya i currently have a couple of jeans that i don't quite fit into anymore but I'm getting's the high waisted ones that will get ya

  5. Oh, carnaby preppy, I love it! Those jeans look great!


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