Tuesday, February 2, 2010

ground control to major tom

I have never before posted a work outfit. With good reason. I hate work clothes, but most of all I hate my work clothes. They are so boring and I struggle to get ready pretty much every morning. I have little idea how to tweak said boring work clothes, but have decided I am going to try my darndest because I just cannot go on like this. A week or so ago I got dressed and thought, 'didn't I wear this yesterday?' and honestly couldn't remember. I am starting by drawing inspiration from people I see out and about (during peak-hour - watch out, those studentscan really throw you), plus a few that I actually work with. I have so far gathered that the easiest way for me to perk up a work outfit, and my mood, is with a dress. This particular dress is a couple of years old and I have swung between 'okay-like' and hate. At the moment I am thinking I might upgrade to 'like'. I know it probably sounds foolish to try and pick up my mood with a dress I barely like, but I can't wear anything I actually like to work in case it gets yucky.

These boots are another semi-liked item

Have I introduced you to my wafer brooch?

Sad as it is I have taken to carrying my gym bag everyday cause I usually go after work. I even gave up carrying my handbag and just use this to carry everything.

And underneath...?

Coat: Whistles; Dress: Topshop; Cardigan: H&M; Tights: H&M; Boots: Zoe Wittner; Beret: Jendi; Brooch: Paris.


  1. If you decide you hate that dress, I will totally take it. I adore it!~

  2. I think you look really cute Moni! I agree about the gym bag though, that's kind of sad. Perhaps you could just get one of those oversize hobo bags...


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