Thursday, February 11, 2010

Album of the Week

There is no way I was not going to love this album. I have loved everything The Strokes have ever done. I have loved all the side projects to have come out of them so far. I loved every one of their so-called 'difficult' albums. The second one my friends didn't like, the third one the critics didn't like. I say don't believe any of them, I still play all three very loud and on very high rotation. So, when I finally updated my pod, this was a high priority. Julian Casablancas. Is a God. Oh no, sorry, of course that's not the name of the album, ahem, it's Phrazes For The Young. He has produced a great album, and most reviews have been very much favourable, but it does raise a lot of questions. Is it too much like The Strokes? Is he improving with age or just rehashing old ideas? I guess my concern is where will the next Strokes album go? More of the same? And if all the guys are doing so well in their side projects, will the main project end up getting sidelined? Lord, I hope not. No, by the way I am not religious, I am just praying to my God, Julian.

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