Friday, February 19, 2010

don't you eva

2010 has officially been christened the Year of the Gig. It actually started a few months ago and there are no signs of letting up, the tickets flying in from left, right and centre. It is so hard to say no. Well, I don't ever say no. After all, they are usually pretty cheap, and you're not going to miss any amount of cash when you've got the memory of a great gig to put your mind at ease. Plus, they are usually on a weeknight, which makes the working week go so much faster! Yay!

I think Britt is cute, because he's a rocker, but he also kind of reminds of a kid who would've had coke-bottle glasses and got teased in primary school.

Can't get over how awesome the Rabbits' percussion obsession sounds! Sometimes three or four guys making loud banging noises onstage at once.

This week I toddled off to see classic Spoon and new best friends White Rabbits in Camden (where else?) and tonight will head back to Koko to see Bertie Blackman and Funeral Party at Club NME. Soon will be Phoenix again, or Hot Hot Heat might be first up...Had tickets to see Lisa Mitchell next month but she cancelled, anyone know what happened there?

Been way too busy to blog or take photos, sorry! Hopefully get back to it this weekend, though I am going to buy an iPhone tomorrow and then going down south to see the baybee! Sunday. I'll do something constructive on Sunday. For sure.

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