Tuesday, January 12, 2010

we poured our hearts out as the train pulled out

Is it too late to still be talking about the weekend? It was a pretty crazy night on Saturday, and it all started with this little contraption. Ross and Viv spent Christmas and New Year in Germany with some family friends and were exposed to this amazing method of making mulled wine. Since trying mulled wine for the first time this winter, I am absolutely loving it, and so far have found I can enjoy several (ahem!) glasses yet somehow avoid my usual red wine headache. Yay!

So, this is called the feuerzangenbowle. You put a big lump of sugar called a zuckerhut on a metal holder thingy over the mulled wine and pour 80% proof rum over it and light it until the sugar melts and caramelises and drips into the wine. It is sooo potent, but yummy and fun and a little bit dangerous. It set the scene for the perfect night in with good friends when it was freezing cold and snowy outside.

And yes, later on there was singing and dancing and Belinda Carlisle was involved. Man I sounded awesome - the mulled wine must do something for the vocal chords.

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