Tuesday, January 19, 2010

goggle goggle

I was all prepared to trek into 20/20 on Tottenham Court Road to try on glasses again this weekend, when I popped up to Stoke Newington Church Street and found all these wonderful frames on my doorstep! There are at least two opticians, both of which stock Ray Bans (my main optician-al criteria) as well of heaps of brands that Selfridges didn't even have! I tried on a bunch, and got amazing service, at Stephen Davis Optometrist, right near the men's Hub store. Remember customer service?

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Booth & Bruce

Anna de Valentin, I think

Calvin Klein

Hmm, can't remember

Face au Face. A frontrunner, but mega expensive


  1. I think the Face au Face ones look great on you - if you have to wear them a lot, then think of them as an investment, not an expense!

  2. Oh, I love glasses, especially black ones! I love all of these, especially the Marc by Marc Jacobs ones. I think they all looks good on you :)

  3. Oh the Booth & Bruce are so perfect with your coloring!~

  4. I actually really like the Anna de Valentin ones, they are kind of retro but also a little futuristic...
    The Booth and Bruce really do match your colouring as W.W.W.Y.G. pointed out...
    In the end you look pretty in all of them!


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