Friday, January 8, 2010

Stuff January

January is usually such a busy month, and it looks like this one will be no exception. We will be:
  • catching up with friends, farewelling some and hopefully making new ones also

  • eating out alot, as lots of restaurants do cheap meal deals to entice hibernating Londoners out to spend more money they don't have since they spent it on Christmas

  • making some travel plans (finally!)
But this is what else is on:
  • Cirque Du Soleil is in town doing the show called Varekai. I have never been to see these guys, and would love to, but don't think I will get around to it this time. Until 14th Feb.

  • La Clique is a burlesque-type show that's had great reviews and is running in Camden until 17th Jan. Would be really good to go with a group of friends and make a night of it. I think it might be Australian?

  • Movies! So many movies! A bit of an overload for a usual non-movie-goer like myself. I have been to see Where The Wild Things Are, and still want to see Nowhere Boy, Sherlock Holmes, and Alice in Wonderland when it comes out. I'm currently resisting everyone's insistence that I see Avatar. The more you insist, the more I think I might like to stage a mini protest by deliberately not seeing it. Also this week I saw Inglourious Basterds for the first time and loved it. It is brilliant, so if you haven't seen it, you must. I insist.

  • Selfridges is putting together a retro 90s themed pop-up type arrangement with Rellik, Beyond Retro, IDEA and Work It, which runs from 11th to 29th January - should be worth a perusal.

  • Apparently the V&A is currently running an exhibition on Indian Maharaja. It is nearly finished (17th January), but I had no idea it was even on! Shocking considering I am almost related to a maharaja myself. Unfortunately none of us royals have organised a mailing list.

  • But also at the V&A, the Decode: Digital Design Sensations exhibition is running until 11th April. Wes' birthday. Coincidence? I think not. This is all the weird and wacky sort of stuff he focussed on for his final year architectural thesis - interactive, manipulating, computer-generated automatic design type stuff. So I'm guessing I will be making a visit as soon as he hears wind of it. Of course he doesn't actually read my blog, so...


  1. I wish I lived in London, there's always exciting things going on - very jealous! :)


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