Thursday, January 14, 2010

you're beautiful, you're beautiful, to me

I don't usually have much of an idea when it comes to beauty products. Okay, maybe I am being a bit harsh on myself there - I am interested in new things, and always read the beauty section of my mags studiously, but I don't really have the budget to be able to try too many of them due to the risk of a large proportion ending up in the bin. But I felt I had to share a couple of recent additions to my 'beauty case'.

This is I think the first true anti-perspirant. As in, it actually stops you from sweating, waaay more than any others I have used in my life. You put it on the night before (!) and it even works after showering. Quite amazing.

Then I finally caved and bought some Batiste Dry Shampoo thinking it would change my life, but I think I need a little practice to get the hang of it!! I'm really good at applying too much so I end up looking like I'm ready to take the stage as Granny in the school play. It is good for scoring a few giggles, but I can't help but think that's not exactly what it is intended for. Anyone else use it? Appropriately? Any tips?


  1. You need a hair powder designed for brunettes. I prefer The All Nighter. I also reallllllly recommend you do not go with a spray, those tend to gunk up your hair, whereas the true powders keep it nice and clean(ish)
    The All Nighter (they also have a website, you can Google it)

  2. Finally! I figured out how to comment on your blog... and to make things even more exciting I made my first post on my blog!

  3. nice blog!

    i love batiste dry shampoo and have dark brown hair, so i have worked out a method to not look like i'm prematurely grey!

    shake well and spray onto roots/fringe/wherever desired, rub in a bit, like massaging regular shampoo, comb it out with a fine tooth comb, then rub your hair with a towel like youre trying to dry it, then part your hair how you want to wear it then rub the towel down the length of the hair and it should look normal coloured! xx

  4. I tried that Secret on your rec and it is AMAZING. I've not sweated in days!~


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