Sunday, January 10, 2010

save me with your specs advice

So, popped into Selfridges yesterday to have a look at their specs selection, and for a coat for Wes. We had Square Pie and browsed around my favourite department (the food, of course!) and I dropped some hints about what might I might like for my birthday, which of course went straight over his head because I didn't hold both his shoulders and look right into his eyes whilst shaking and shouting 'buy me THIS!!!'.

Anyway, there were a few that I liked. Wes was not so sure, but very helpful nonetheless. The reason I went to Selfridges on a Saturday is not because I have a death wish but as they seem to be the only place that stocks Ray Ban frames in this whole hemisphere! Well, the bit that I inhabit. There is another good place on Tottenham Court Road that I want to check out too.

But I really want your opinions! I am looking for something with just the right amount of geek chic, without too much Shoreditch twat, but they must also be practical because I do need them to see, these are not a mere accessory people! Let me know what you think!!!?

Oliver Peoples?

Dolce and Gabbana?

Ray Ban Wayfarer?

Ray Ban Clubmaster?

Or Chanel, darling??


  1. Wayfarers! Love the clubmasters too but they're a bit too trend-led, Wayfarers are perennially chic!

  2. I love the clubmasters so much!

  3. I like the Oliver Peoples and The D&G.
    Mine are D&G but maybe 3 years old? I've had them for a while. I always go with a SLIGHT cat eye feel.


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