Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I must have a door in the back of my head

On Sunday I spent a lovely day out in the sunshine with Wes...at Goodwood Festival of Speed! Oh yes, I thought that my willingness to accompany my love to such a blokey bore-fest meant that I must be the best girlfriend in the entire world, only to be horrified to find that there were wives and girlfriends absolutely everywhere. And I think some of the women there weren't even wives or girlfriends at all, but had just mosied along of their own accord! Not a bad move if they're single.

To more pressing matters, I have been waiting to wear this outfit for awhile - my favourite vintage shirt with little love-hearts on it, and a thrifted lemon yellow skirt I haven't worn at all because I wasn't sure what shoes to pair it with. I finally felt it was the perfect opportunity, and I felt very happy with it, even though I had to undo the waistband of the skirt for comfort's sake during the 2 hour drive :-)

I must draw your attention to my little friend. I bought him from one of the great jewellery stalls at Portobello Road and this was our first outing together. Ain't he cute? I thought I was being so witty, you know, wearing a sheep for a trip to the country, wearing vintage to an estate that hosts a vintage festival...yeah, you geddit. Wearing open sandals to a dustbowl? Not so clever.


  1. About time!! Finally something for the blokes! I loved the motorbike!

  2. love your outfit, you are too cute!

  3. How awesome! I'm going to the vintage festival at Goodwood in August and I can't wait!

    Very cute outfit too xx

  4. oh gorge outfit you could give the mad men ladies a run for there money hehe x


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