Thursday, July 22, 2010

no, i'm not a monster

What's-his-face was onto something. Haven't you heard? Gingerbread men are the new cupcake! Well to be accurate, they are the new whoopie pie, which was the new macaroon, which was the new cupcake. To be more accurate, it is just me that decided this, but I think some others are starting to catch on. You're not still eating cupcakes are you?? Yeah, me too, but I really love gingerbread men!! And I think maybe they're not as bad for you? Pret's little man called Godfrey is pretty good, and of course if your local bakery makes them, even better, as long as they're thick enough to have a bit of give in the middle, you don't want them too hard...okay maybe I have thought about this a little too much?

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