Sunday, April 25, 2010

bright lights of broadway

If you have ever spent any time in London you will find it hard to believe it has ever been this sunny! Those who haven't been here, you have to imagine that this is possibly the sunniest day we may see all year, so everyone rushes outside to the markets and green spaces to soak up every last ray of sunshine, just in case. Last Saturday we headed to Broadway market for lunch in London Fields before my friend Jodie's birthday party at a pub just down the market, then in Hoxton, then in Dalston, Hoxton again, then Camden...

Yummy yummy chicken wrap

I was wearing a new vintage dress from Camden Passage markets, denim jacket from Topshop, platform shoes from Australia, Karen Walker sunnies, vintage bag from Portobello Road market.

The hula hoop, as may see from the bow, is the birthday present Wes and I took along for Jodie. It was a big hit, especially on the dancefloor later in the night. Funny how some people have maintained their good hula-hoopyness from childhood, while most of us look like someone having a hoopy fit :-(

This guy was the best busker ever!! That is a full sound system and he makes amazing spacey music that he raps along to.


  1. Moni I love these shoes! Are they comfy? They look comfy...
    Ah, London in the sunshine. In a way, the fact that it is so stingily rationed makes it so much better when it comes. Please save some for August though.

  2. your denim jacket is hot! I think I've seen a a busker in a similar suit in Melbourne. How interesting.

    xx, Amanda (Not So Naked)

  3. Oh wow,beautiful photos <3

  4. Well, I'm jealous because it has been POURING in New York!LLGxx

  5. I was there! I saw the robot dude, he was awesome! Did you have some of the fresh coconut from the Coconut King?

  6. eat my shorts: There is way too much great food there, I always have trouble deciding what to get! Don't think I've ever got the coconut, actually. The chicken wraps with chilli sauce are awesome.

    And yes, Nati, the shoes are quite comfy. We stood outside the pub all day and all night and my feet weren't sore at all!


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