Tuesday, May 4, 2010


What the hell kind of weather was that for a long weekend?? Shocking. But that didn't stop us from daytripping across the south-east of England, from Canterbury to the White Cliffs of Dover and back again.

On the way we detoured through a few well-known English seaside towns and the overall consensus is, we must stop going to English seaside towns. My God, they are so depressing! I know that comparisons to our coast are probably not really fair, but I just can't understand how these places ever attract tourists. Or repeat tourists I suppose is more accurate. I know the beach huts look charming but the truth is, they become essential when the beach is that unpleasant! These guys do inland alot better.
 Canterbury is lovely, the cathedral impressive, and we had a truly great dinner at a British restaurant called Deeson's. I recommend highly. And Whitstable was quite nice too just the weather was so bad I seriously regretted even getting out of the car!
Those are my new glasses, by the way, which I mulled over for months before I finally just snapped one day and couldn't stand my old ones anymore. I think they tread a line between funky and twat. And they only hurt my right ear just a little bit.

I bought the broguey-sandals last week!! Yay. Bad news is that the boots sold out on General Pants the same day I posted them!! Damn you Pants-man!!


  1. The glasses are fab Moni. And these pictures are beautiful. Did you photoshop them?

  2. I love that beach house shot, captures our drizzley grey summers perfectly. i't wonderful!!



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