Sunday, April 4, 2010


Oh, I love love love my new skirt! It was actually handmade and somehow smells just like an old sewing room. And it fits me like a glove! I also got a dress that I couldn't wait to wear so I'm sure you'll see it soon. All our friends went away this Easter, but I took these photos last weekend when we met up for Sunday roast lunch and I decided to dress up a bit. I even did my hair and make-up like a proper London girl. Yup, eyeliner and everything. I'm currently wearing training wheels with this stuff, and think I did a pretty good job, but it smudged so quick I hate to think what would happen if I wore it anywhere hot or for any length of time. It would be running down my cheeks! It may work for Alice Cooper, but not when you're going for vintage-hipster-stylee ;-(


Wes and I went to check out the Marc by Marc Jacobs store in Mayfair, which is where I got this bone bracelet and cuff. Quite a cool store, really, and clever on their part as they stock everything from a £1 ring (or condom) to the £500 handbags via a £30 evening clutch or a £50 pair of jeans. Apparently everyone can have their own piece of the MJ brand, no matter what their budget!

Jacket: H&M; Cardigan: ASOS; Skirt: Absolute Vintage; Boots: Myer; Cuff and bracelet: Marc by Marc Jacobs; Earrings: Uncommonly Beautiful.


  1. Immediately after seeing your pictures and falling in love with your skirt, I searched Ebay for a long skirt. I found a few that look promising!

    You always look do you do it? :)

  2. the mixing of patterns got me hooked on this outfit! love how you mixed the plaid and leopard...with the leather jacket too!

    ♥ bags of love giveaway | vanilla ice cream ♥

  3. I adore this outfit. This skirt is great. I love your blog and I just tagged you for a blogger award on my blog.

  4. This is just so fab! I love love love the skirt and the cardi and oh just everything. And the wrist bands are just what I’ve been wanting for so long! You’ll have to take me to the store when I’m in London. Oh I can’t wait!

  5. p.s. you did your make up like a pro! I have an eyeliner from rimmel that is waterproof and it never comes off. Even when you want it too! I'm not sure if I recommend it...

  6. Stunning!
    I love your hair!
    not to mention the leopard cardigan

  7. Gorgeous outfit!
    love the mix of gingham checks and leopard print



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