Monday, April 19, 2010

and when i caught it you were out of reach

I have been committing some major blog neglect lately. And you know what else is looking sad and malnourished? My shoe wardrobe! I just realised when the sun came out on Saturday that I don't own any sandals. I think I had just one pair in London but I must've given them to charity the last time I was forced to move halfway around the world against my will. Plus, my most favouritest comfy walk-all-day shoes are starting to show their age so I need some substitutes that can stand-in when they are feeling tired so they will live longer, like forever. This is a much more difficult and fine-tuned task than sandals. Sandals are everywhere. Sensible, comfortable, yet not ugly, yet mostly flat shoes are what you might call thin on the ground.

Don't worry, I have not been on a spending spree, I'm just deliberating in that terribly sad, no-fun, way-too-sensible way that I tend to shop now. I cannot decide between these pairs of sandals.
Oh, Swedish Hasbeens, if only I had been quick enough to snap you up of yoox then I might have been able to actually afford you! But you would go sooo nicely with my current vintage obsession.
I'm thinking these will be the summer version of my trusty brogues.
I wanted these so bad my first summer in London 2 years ago (I'm onto you, Office, I bet you thought no-one else would notice) but I hesitated, as usual, they sold out and then all the shop girls pretended they never existed, but I knew they had, I just knew!! See!
But I think I am definitely going to have these shipped from fave Aus store General Pants, considering I missed them first time around at Topshop (yes, exact same boots, am I right or am I right?). If only for the reason they are the only shoes I have found that fill the non-sandal criteria.


  1. My shoe-drobe was incredibly lacking in summer shoes too! I have quite a few pairs of black heels and every other color heels, but sandals are seriously missing. But! Goodnews: I found two pairs of sandals at a thrift store.

    I love the second pairs of sandals...they look perfect to go with dresses and skirts.

  2. All of these shoes are so so cute!

  3. I think the second pair would def be good "summer brogues" and I love the boots too...


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