Thursday, June 3, 2010

swimming with some beautiful sharks

Honestly, how do people wear high heels?? You should see the size of the blisters on my feet right now. Those shoes looked frickin awesome, but the first time I have worn them will also turn out to be the last. Focus has now shifted to blister avoidance and so I'm breaking in my thong feet for my holiday to Malta next week!! So excited. Yes, har-har, you know what I mean, flip-flops, jandals, whatever, I'm not talking about my bum.

I haven't taken any photos in awhile, so you may have noticed that all the recent photos on here are those taken by Wes and his favourite iPhone app called Hipstamatic. It kind of imitates a lomograph-style camera with separate lenses and 'film' that you buy from the App store. You can get some great effects. I know a real lomo camera would have more street cred but it's much easier to carry this version around. These ones are not that great, but for better ones just scroll down to my older posts. The more abstract ones above are from when we went to see Paul Dempsey live in Kings Cross...and then we saw White Rabbits (again) the next night at the Garage at Highbury...


  1. WOW! These pictures were taken with an IPHONE!! Can any iphone get this app! I have the one before the newest one. No need to answer I will try to just get it. this is really cool! So, I just got your comment. Hey, for a really long time i thought I was a terrible person. I was certain I was a terrible friend and went through a series of friend breakups last year that were both ugly and painful. Some were just silent and awkward too. and luckily I have not had to rehash most of them (at a party or where ever) but i was pretty sure I had a flaw in my character for a bit. come to find out, this shit is part of growing up. At 30 I am still growing up. I guess it will continue. People change. its hard at any age to just let people (or force them) out of your life since we are trained to be peacemakers, you know. I guess talking about this on my blog and getting feedback has helped me to realize that this is totally normal and hard as it seems, necessary. I have no idea if this has been helpful since I am only just sort of passionately rambling, but please just know that you are still a good person. trust your gut and that flutter in your heart that tells you when things are weird and you will know everything you need to know about people. Does that make sense? Be true to yourself and your gut. and do not judge yourself (at least that is what I am doing now and it seems to be doing the trick!)

  2. OHHHHHHH MAAAAANNNN I just got the Hipstamatic app and I am FREAKING OUT! Thank you so much for showing this to me!! I feel like I just got the coolest new toy EVER!

  3. Yeah, some people really don't get print mixing! I don't mind the stares (they crack me up!), but it's the attitude that goes along with them. Like I should be having fun with my clothes. Ha! :)

  4. So awesome! Since I dont have an iphone, I'm going to make my b/f get the app. :) yay! xo- karrie

  5. I am also addicted to that hipstamatic app!! Love it



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