Sunday, May 30, 2010

ride with me...

Sometimes I go through phases of wanting to buy so many new things and nothing in my wardrobe seems right and getting dressed is so hard. Then other days I come up with outfits made out of so many old things I think maybe I don't need anything at all, it's all already there it just needs to be rediscovered. I call this outfit 'Couldn't decide what to wear so just put on everything at the same time'. The bow headpiece is always a crowd-pleaser. This was for my friend's belated birthday party which ended up being a veeery late one. 


  1. Ok, so, you have to show me how to do this to my pictures. It's just too cool. Your blog is starting to look like an arty magazine. I hope you don't decide you're too cool for me now...

  2. hehe, it's a secret. Wait, I think I wrote about them in my next post...check back tomorrow?


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