Sunday, June 6, 2010

Album of the Week

Okay, the Album of the Week post has been on a long hiatus, which is really just indicative of the state of my blog in general, but I now have so much new music on my iPod I don't know where to start! After some long and hard consideration I have decided to tell you about the latest Black Keys album. I chose this album this week because they kind of get my 'Most Improved' award. Well, that sounds really condescending, more like, they've really evolved and I'm liking their sound with a few more layers. I have watched the Black Keys with interest ever since I first heard their early singles on jjj but I never got as fully into them as I expected to. I guess their albums didn't grab me like their singles promised to. I will definitely be going back and reviewing their back-catalogue now, though. I always like to have the history and context of a band in my mind when I'm getting to know the new music. They used to sound very stripped-back like two guys in an old house with an eight-track and a guitar and that was it. Now, in a nutshell their sound is very dirty rock (rawk!), that's very bluesey, and more than a little bit Hendrix. 

I'm not turning this blog into a Danger Mouse fanpage, I promise, but he is responsible for producing yet another brilliant effort here. Where does he get his genius inspiration from and when does he sleep??

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